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Notify TWC

If you are considering closing your school, contact TWC by phone, email, fax, mail or a visit to the TWC Career Schools and Colleges office so that we will be aware of the possibility and better prepared to assist you and your students if the closure occurs.

When you notify us that your school will close, we will schedule a school survey visit to close out the school records, which will include a review of student records going back at least one year prior to the last day of classes. 

When we receive notification that your school is closing or has closed, we will send you a customized Closed School Survey Checklist, which lists the documentation you must provide in our survey visit.

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Documentation Requirements

In addition to providing the required student records (listed in the Closed School Survey Checklist), you will need to:

  • Provide contact information for the person who will maintain student records for a minimum of five years after closure and student transcripts indefinitely, making them available to students.
  • Return your school’s Certificate of Approval to TWC.
  • Submit a complete, signed and notarized Cessation of Operations Affidavit to affirm that all obligations to students have been fulfilled, any penalties have been paid, the school has ceased operations and the school will not reopen until it has been issued a Certificate of Approval or letter of exemption from TWC.

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Completion of Student Training: Teach-outs

It is preferable that your students complete their training prior to the school closure. If that is not possible, TWC will attempt to arrange a "teach-out" for students to attend another school or college to complete their training.  Students who are unable to complete their training through a teach-out are entitled to a refund.

A teach-out is an arrangement where another school agrees to provide the students of a closed school an opportunity to complete the same or very similar program of study offered by the closed school without additional charge to the student beyond what the student originally agreed to pay for the program.  The teach-out agreement is a written agreement between schools that must be approved by TWC and the school's accrediting body, if applicable. 

The teach-out school must provide reasonable access so the students are not required to relocate or travel to complete their training.  Also, teach-out agreements often include provisions regarding the experience, resources and support services needed by the teach-out school to provide a program of acceptable quality and similar in content, structure and length to that provided by the closed school.

If your school is licensed and you are interested in assisting with a teach-out for a closed school, contact TWC Career Schools and Colleges.

The application below shows the types of expenses for which a school providing teach-outs may request reimbursement.

For more information about closed schools, including Title IV information, refer to Has Your School Closed?.

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Reopening a Closed School

If you should want to reopen your school, you must reapply for a Certificate of Approval from TWC.  A school owner whose school was closed in violation cannot own another school.

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