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The Unemployment Tax Services system allows employers to adjust previously filed wage reports, regardless of whether the report was originally submitted online.

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User ID & Password

To adjust wage reports online using Unemployment Tax Services requires registration. During the quick and simple registration process, users create a User ID and password to use each time they access the online system. To register and to learn about other online services, visit Unemployment Tax Services.

Authority to Adjust a Filed Wage Report Online

The account administrator for the employer's unemployment tax account grants the authority to file a wage report online. This authority also allows you to adjust a filed wage report online. If you are the administrator for the employer's unemployment tax account, you already have the authority to file and adjust a wage report online.

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Adjusting a Filed Wage Report Online

You may find the following information helpful in adjusting a wage report.

Wage Report Adjustment Tips

  • Each Web page in Unemployment Tax Services has a "Need help?" link to a help page explaining the page's purpose and defining each field.
  • Quarterly wage reports filed online can be adjusted two business days after they were submitted.
  • If you logoff prior to submitting the adjusted wage report, it is automatically saved as incomplete. Incomplete adjusted wage reports are available for you to resume editing or to delete.
  • Incomplete quarterly wage reports will be deleted if an adjustment is submitted.
  • If the filed wage report you need is not available online, contact your local tax office.
  • The changes you make may affect the total taxable wage amount. These effects could include additional unemployment taxes, interest, late reporting penalties or an overpayment where a refund is due to you.
  • Adjustments to a filed wage report may include: adding an employee or correcting an employee's Social Security number, name or wage amount. To delete an employee wage record, change their wages to zero.
  • If your report contains any Social Security number errors, the system will prompt you to correct them before you continue to adjust the wage report.
  • You can search for an employee by their Social Security number or last name.
  • You can review and edit the information before submitting the adjusted wage report.
  • Once you submit the adjusted wage report, a confirmation page will display. You can print a copy for your records.
  • Adjusted wage reports are available for viewing.
  • You can also file a wage report online.

Adjustment Process

Please use the following steps in adjusting your wage report.

  1. Logon to Unemployment Tax Services.
  2. Select the tab for Report Filing from the My Home page.
  3. Select the Adjust Wage Report link on the left.
  4. Select the wage report you want to adjust.
  5. Correct Social Security number errors, if applicable.
  6. Search for the employee whose information you wish to change.
  7. Change the information, as appropriate.
  8. Enter the reason for the changes.
  9. Review and revise the information, if needed, before submitting the adjusted wage report.
  10. Submit the adjusted wage report.
  11. View and print the confirmation information.

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